A Fun and Unique Baby Shower Idea: A Diaper Party

Diaper Party 3

A diaper party is a simple baby shower held just for the guys. Typically, diaper parties involve three things:

1. Beer

2. BBQ3.

3. Guys should provide diapers to the expecting couple as a favor rather than a present for the shower.

Diaper Party 3

While some couples now host combined baby showers, many still only invite the females. Guys shouldn’t be left out of the elaborate baby showers that the girls prepare, which feature adorable gifts, activities, and décor.

Why not organize a low-key “men only” celebration to honor the baby’s birth? The ideal justification for getting together with the men is a diaper party so you can drink some beer and maybe even watch a game on TV.

Diaper Party 3

The relatives or friends of the new parent frequently organize diaper parties. They occasionally occur on the same day as the baby shower and may be held somewhere else (another house, or the back yard, basement or garage).

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